Some DLG videos. All use DivX codec that can be downloaded from

Size: 14M - part of the long (9 minutes) thermal flight on a windy day with heavy overcast. Quite boring actually :)
Size: 10.5M - two launches and closeup of the roll.
Size: 15M - complete flight (3 minutes) with couple of thermals.
Size: 8M - more circling
Size: 5M - another roll
Size: 1.5M - real pro in action
Size: 5M - another roll
Size: 1.5M - short flight, including fast flyby. With speed overlay. I used the Doppler effect to measure the speed of the plane. I taped a small piezo buzzer under the wing, recorded the launch using camcoder and then run it through Avisynth filter that performed FFT and calculated the speed based on the Doppler equation. If you listen carefully you can even hear the pitch change during the launch. The filter is part of the FlyHow filter and can be downloaded freely.
Size: 2M - setup of the plane for speed measurement.
Size: 0.2M - bad launch in slowmotion. The speed was bigger than on good launch but I hold the plane too long and it yawed too much to the left.
Size: 0.2M - good launch in slowmotion. I released in time and the sideways movement is greately reduced.
Size: 1.2M - testing the setup using Ferrari Enzo.