I used Sanwa SX-091 (aka Airtronics 94091Z) servos for rudder and elevator. They weight 10gr, have same size and torque as JR241, but are much faster. They feel very stiff (both case and gears) and have "sharp" feeling. Pushrods are 0.5mm steel wires in teflon housings. Servo arm is 11mm long - I drilled new, 0.5mm hole between two existing holes. Servos are wrapped in aluminium tape that is glued to balsa block that is glued to the bottom of the fuselage. Servos are very tightly in place but it is possible to remove them if needed. Pushrods are supported by two 2mm balsa supports that are sanded to conform to the fuselage shape and then glued to place using epoxy (I used two drops of CA to fix the balsa first and then used epoxy to add strength). I used 1mm steel wire that went from the hole in the fuselage to the bottom of the servo horn as a guide, to get the correct vertical alignment of the balsa supports. Flaperon servo harness is made from 32AWG teflon coated wire. I used two strands for power and ground. Wing connector is hacked-up quality sub-D connector (rated for >2.5A current and 500 mating cycles).

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