Wing top


Cores are from Les Horvath. I used same layup as SuperGee, except the main skin was 49gr/m2 (1.4oz) glass, the bottom flaperon doublers are also widened so they work as hinge and my spars are wider than on the plans. I made the carbon laminate myself and was worried about its properties, so I made the spars 1.5 times wider. Weblets are also thicker. When I attached the spars I used epoxy that was too thick (too much Aerosil). As a result I added several grams of "stupid" epoxy to the wing. The complete wing (with servos and blade) weights 161gr. Wing halves are joined using joiner and there are two partially overlapping layers of glass over the joint. In addition there are two kevlar discs over the wing bolt hardpoints that were pressed into the conical recesses using waxed bolt.

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