Nose is back

View from the top. The carbon strips were misted with spray glue. Then I stuck them into the inside of the fuselage one-by-one. I rubbed the backing paper with the round end of pencil until the paper backing came off. Then inserted next strip, etc. I added two extra strips that went diagonally from down front to up back on both sides. When the carbon was in place I mixed 5gr of laminating epoxy and smeared it all over the carbon using fingers (use barrier cream and wear vinyl gloves when you do this!). Finally added a patch of 57g/m^2 glass over the carbon to keep it down. Then used some toilet paper to pick up the excess epoxy from carbon and glass. You should try to remove as much epoxy as possible. I think that I used about 2.5gr epoxy for the inside patch and this is little bit too much.

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