This is my latest and greatest glider :) The project started as a SuperGee II. I started from the wing, because it is the most important part of the glider and I wanted to be ready to make more wings as they wear out. I expect that the fuselage will outlive several wings. The start of the building was delayed and due to the tight schedule I decided to use some ready-made fuselage with the easier wing mount to get the plane ready for the spring. After looking through available fuselages I decided to get the Blaster fuselage from Vladimir's Models. I ordered it directly from Vladimir. The fuselage was very well done - weight of the pod was 31gr and boom was 16gr. Only problem is that now I cannot call my plane SuperGee anymore :) The overall weight of the plane is 303gr. It's amazing how the weight builds up. Before mounting the servos and pushrods and adding the wiring and peg the target weight was around 280gr.

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