Ahto Buldas


Co-Founder, GuardTime

Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

e-mail: ahto.buldas@ttu.ee

Curriculum Vitae:

(in english) , (in estonian)


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Ph.D. Theses Supervised

  1. Jan Villemson: Size-efficient interval time stamps. Ph.D. thesis. Ahto Buldas (Sup.), University of Tartu (2002) .pdf
  2. Aivo Kalu: Efficient semantics of parallel and serial models of attack trees. Ph.D. thesis. Ahto Buldas, Jan Villemson (Sup.), Tallinn University of Technology (2010) .pdf
  3. Rain Ottis: A systematic approach to offensive volunteer cyber militia. Ph.D. thesis. Ahto Buldas, Peeter Lorents (Sup.), Tallinn University of Technology (2011) .pdf
  4. Margus Niitsoo: Black-box oracle separation techniques with applications in time-stamping. Ph.D. thesis. Ahto Buldas (Sup.), University of Tartu (2011) .pdf
  5. Aleksandr Lenin: Reliable and efficient determination of the likelihood of rational attacks. Ph.D. thesis. Ahto Buldas (Sup.), Tallinn University of Technology (2016) .pdf

Lecture Notes

IDS0010 Sissejuhatus andmeturbesse

ITX8110 Introduction to Combinatorics and Cryptography

Complexity Theory (Univ. of Tartu)

Combinatorics (Univ. of Tartu)

Sissejuhatus krüptograafiasse

Hulgateooria (Set Theory), Spring 1994 (.pdf)

Sissejuhatus Galois' teooriasse (Introduction to the Galois' Theory, 1993, seminar notes)

Students' Seminar Slides

Seminar for Cyber Defence Students, Autumn 2011

Seminar for Cyber Defence Students, Autumn 2012

Popular Science Publications (in estonian)

  1. Buldas, A.: Krüptoloogia. Miks ja kuidas? Arvutimaailm, 3: 14--15 (1994)
  2. Buldas, A., Lakspere, E., Priisalu, J.: Mikroarvuti plastkaardis. Arvutimaailm, 4: 51--53 (1994)
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  11. Buldas, A.: Teadusest, ärist ja impeeriumi pärandusest. Arvutustehnika ja andmetöötlus, 4: 5--8 (2001)

Selected Seminar Presentations

  1. Arvud ja mängud (Numbers and games), TPedI matemaatikaseminar (1995) .ps
  2. Graafi modulaardekompositsioon (Modular decomposition of a graph) Leo Võhandu seminar (1995) .ps